Marjorie Meek-Bradley, Marcin Gortat and more Washington personalities tell us about their D.C. dream day

Meek-Bradley, 32, is the executive chef at D.C. institutions Ripple and Roofers Union, and she put in a stint on “Top Chef” earlier this year. She opened her pastrami-focused sandwich shop, Smoked and Stacked, in Shaw last month.

I would go to Maketto specifically to get coffee from Vigilante Coffee Company in the morning. I love Vigilante coffee, and that’s why we have it at Smoked and Stacked. It’s such a good space to hang out and get some work done. It’s something about the light.

I definitely love going to SoulCycle. The one in Mount Vernon Square is close to my house. I know it sounds cliche or whatever, but it puts you in a positive place to go about your day. Basically, I just eat on my days off. That’s why I have to go to SoulCycle!

I love going down to the Mall. I’m a sucker for the National Museum of American History. If I’m in a funk, I go to see Julia Child’s kitchen or the ruby slippers.

I definitely love the Mandu on K Street — they have an awesome late-night menu, the bartenders are all super-nice, they never close early. They’re definitely my favorite late-night spot in D.C., with a great fried chicken sandwich and kimchee quesadilla. If I’m wanting to die, I usually text Danny [Lee, Mandu’s chef] and ask, “Are you there?” and he always makes me feel better. The chef community is so tight-knit and so positive. I’ve never lived in a city where everybody helps each other so much. —As told to Lori McCue